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TP Entertainment – Conquering Yen Tu Peak

4 March, 2024

TP Entertainment tham gia du xuân chinh phục đỉnh núi Yên Tử

To cultivate a strong spirit and determination for an explosive 2024, TP Entertainment together overcame the first challenge of the year – Conquering Yen Tu peak.

TPers had to diligently train our physical strength, and push ourselves to be able to conquer the 1,068m high Yen Tu peak. This was an extremely memorable mountain climbing experience, where nature is majestic, with clear streams surrounding the mountain, bamboo forests and pine forests on both sides, and hidden among the green forests are ancient towers and sacred temples.

With the collective strength of team spirit, through this challenge, we have the opportunity to bond more closely as we climb the mountain together and aim for the common destination, Dong Pagoda – Yen Tu.

Let’s create a year of breakthroughs, innovation with the theme “Creative Innovation” and achieve the goals we have set together!

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